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Readings: Spring Inspiration

Some recent favorites:

“Do not wait for strength before setting out, for immobility will weaken you further. Do not wait to see clearly before starting; one has to walk toward the light. When you take the first step and accomplish that tiny little act, the necessity of which may be apparent only to you, you will be astonished to feel that the effort, rather than exhausting your strength, has doubled it—and that you already see more clearly what you have to do next.” – Philippe Vernier

“It’s never too late to completely change your entire life. To become a better person. To become an asset to this world. To be of service to humanity. To transcend your Earthly predicament with love, compassion and humility. Never believe it is too late to rise to a higher vision. Each day is a fresh, beautiful opportunity to attain a pure heart. Correct your actions. Become a living embodiment of the Supreme; full of wisdom and loving kindness. All that is of Good will lift you up into Ultimate Reality when you emanate Goodness. The Illumined Ones will assist you. You are not alone. You will attract that which you are in your heart.”  – Sri Robert Adams

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